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April 14, 2020

My name is Kevin C. Krinke. I'm a business and technology consultant who does software development and all sorts of thought-work forms of things.

Creative projects

The list is short thought there's a lot of curious things on the way.

Social networking profiles

As human as I can get on the interwebs.

Software projects worth mentioning

Things I've built and maintain that seem to be worth mentioning out loud sometimes.

  • Go-Enjin
    A strange form of engine for building websites and microservices.
  • Go-Curses
    Curses Tool Kit for the Go language.
  • UI::Dialog
    Perl module for providing UI dialog scripting using other utilities such as dialog, whiptail and zenity.

Interesting websites

  • ThisIP.FYI
    PoC for Go-Enjin, reports the current IP address.
  • Quoted.FYI
    PoC for Go-Enjin, exploring content indexing limitations.