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A Good Thing of a Bad Example - and other benefits of learning from mistakes.

21 minutes
May 2, 2020

This is the second of two interrelated posts talking about the IDGAF development process, using my setlist management software project as a prime example of what not to do when developing software. This part examines the workflow process itself and the resulting codebase of technical debt.

A Bad Example of a Good Thing - or, how does One State DJ build setlists?

21 minutes
May 1, 2020

The first of two posts talking about some software I wrote to solve a need, which does in fact do it’s job really well, but because I’m following the IDGAF approach to the development process - the thing is a trainwreck under the hood and you could say I totally get why windows is closed source. This first part talks about why I needed to make the software, walks through the user-interface and other such surface level things. In the next article I will cover more specifically what clear examples of technical debt are shining brightest and how they can be paid off properly.

Site re-fresh - Site theme and features re-freshed, updated.

1 minutes
April 14, 2020

Taking the Hugo site I made for One State DJ, I’m now re-freshing this personal-slash-info-tech-related site.