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Why don't I like JavaScript?

Sunday May 14, 2017 @ 10:11AM -0400

It's pretty simple really.

Use the right tool for the right job and HTML5 + CSS3 have come a long way from 1994 (not that CSS even existed back then). "Back in the day" when JavaScript became prevalent, I've always felt like it did serve some sort of "band-aide" purpose for solving the lack of browser support and general document formatting features that we've not got in HTML5+CSS3.

I do use JavaScript for work and other appropriate situations, however, I fail to see why I should need yet another programming language involved when really - I just want to have your browser render a nice looking website regardless of the plugins and configurations you may or may not have monkied up.

I also don't like the security model of JavaScript - a JVM is running on my local machine, running code delivered from sites I don't even know (ad networks, etc), inside my browser, inside my desktop... Sure that's a lot of layers to break through, but that's also a lot of layers that are potentially riddled with unknown flaws or weaknesses.

The above are all just irrelevant personal biases that I get to enforce upon my own personal space. When it comes to my professional life; I don't care if it's Win/Lin/Mac or VB or LISP - I get paid to fix problems and problems I be fixin' wherever I can. If that means I've gotta be just as good with iptables as I am with Vyatta routers - so be it; I get to learn something new!