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Here's to a fresh start...

Saturday May 13, 2017 @ 4:20AM -0400

Over the years I've gone from Gopher all the way to Go and as my personal website has been sitting in a sorry state for so long, I've decided to finally flex the HTML5+CSS3 skills I've picked up and implement something interesting to me.

Once upon a time I ran Blosxom (circa 2004-06 according to the wayback machine). I loved blosxom – the simplicity, the Perl, but... it was not meant to last. Massive server outage and corruption - site gone.

Then I got lazy and decided to setup Wordpress (2012-15) because I didn't want to be so hands-on with my website. I just wanted things to work and be done with it at the time... then it was hacked a few times and yeah. (Note: typical incident report included a combination of Wordpress, PHP and PEBKAC errors.)

Then I switched things around and wrote up some as-plain-as-it-can-get HTML site which resulted in the abomination that was the prior-to-this-relaunched site.

This time, I'm going forward with a certain bar of execution: No JavaScript. The ideal goal (probably unattainable) is nothing beyond HTML, CSS and art assets will be used.

Here we go!